“A holistic approach to problem-solving is what makes a modern-day consultant.” More often than not, our company, which works under the broad fields of Loan Syndication, Turnkey Projects, Management Consultancy and International Trade, is required to provide legal services to our clients for the formation, creation, and change in business practices that aim to upgrade our client’s business. Sometimes, it is difficult to do so with a third party involved as it slows down the process of consultancy, and creates hindrances. To overcome this, and provide clients with smooth, fast-paced business solutions, ProSols aims to become a holistic, one-stop shop for all of it’s clients’ needs. 

We take great pride in adding our brand new legal chapter, consisting of an entire panel of esteemed lawyers and advisors, providing services ranging from registrations and draft formations to conferences and court proceedings, all in one. ProSols wishes to take on various dimensions of providing legal guidance, so that any and all needs of our clients can be fulfilled.


Some aspects of our Legal Chapter, which could help us address your needs better, are listed below:

Agreement Drafting and Contract Formation

Management consulting is the the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance with the help of insights and tools previously unavailable to the business and promoters. We at Prosols help the clients by getting functional expertise achieved over years of experience to problems that the client may not have faced earlier. Clients bring us in to provide an objective, third party opinion on a major decision that a company is making. We have also been brought in as external “brains” to help a company out when the companies’ employees and managers are too far stretched.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)

Although not legally binding, Memorandum of Understandings carry a degree of seriousness and mutual respect while getting into the initial stages of a business agreement, they also count as the first steps towards a legally binding contract between two parties. Advisory and formation of the same will be undertaken by ProSols’ legal team.


Patent Registration is a process under which an application is filed with the prescribed authority in order to register an invention in line with The Patent Act, 1970. With Patent Registration, an inventor will have the monopoly over his/her invention. This is a major requirement for companies that are involved in the sale of creative and/or inventive products. Help for the same will be provided by our legal team at ProSols. (Our legal team can aid with this process)

Loan Disputes and Land Dispute Settlements

Very often, our clients come forward with legal mumbo-jumbo that is creating a pitfall for their business, and we offer guidance by acting as our clients’ representative body during disputes between the two parties to solve the given issues. Any disputes relating to secured bank loans or unsecured loans, land deeds and/or land transferring, buying and selling disputes’ solutions are catered to our clients.

Legal Tax Saving, Legal opinions and Opinions on International Contracts

Tax Saving advisory would be given by experienced and established income tax lawyers on the basis of requirements showcased by the business. Opinions on company structuring suitable as per their business dealings, in order to save taxes and procure most amount of profits would be given by our advisory board too, making sure we help companies take smart financial decisions while procuring any number of loans, investing capital and/or acquiring their equity position by means of trade or otherwise.

International Contracts formed between parties for the purpose of trade, service, or otherwise would be structured, reviewed, and/or given opinion to by us on the basis of our clients’ needs, making sure no hindrances come into play while our client is in business with different countries.

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